Here are video clips of LotR commercials, movie trailers, clips of Frodo, and some miscellaneous clips pertaining to Frodo.They are all in rar files format to save our bandwidth. Right-click and choose "save target as" to save them to your computer. Then download Win rar (free download version) to unzip them.

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Movie Clips
FotREE- Gandalf speaks to Frodo in Moria (.mov 8.8MB)
FotR- Boromir tries to take the Ring (.mov 24.5MB)
FotR- Frodo leaves the Fellowship (.mov 3.46MB)
TTT- Frodo in the Dead Marshes (.mov 12.3MB)
TTT- At the Black Gates (.mov 18.3MB)
RotK- Shelob's Lair (.mov 21.4MB)
RotK- The End of All Things (.mov 20.4MB)
RotK- Aragorn's coronation (.mov 40.3MB)
RotK- Homeward Bound (.mov 18.7MB)

The Hobbit Official Movie trailer (v.2) (2012) (.mp4 28.6MB)
The Hobbit Official Movie trailer (v.1) (2011) (.mp4 26.1MB)
FotR Official Movie trailer (2001) (.mov 16.1MB)
FotR Official Movie trailer- German (.mov 14.4MB)
TTT Official Movie trailer (2002) (.mov 16.1MB)
TTT Official Movie trailer- German (v.1) (.mov 35.2MB)
TTT Official Movie trailer- German (v.2) (.mov 12.8MB)
RotK Official Movie trailer (2003) (.mov 14.4MB)
RotK Official Movie trailer- German (v.1) (.mov 16MB)
RotK Official Movie trailer- German (v.2) (.mov 18.8MB)
LotR EE Blue Ray dvd set advertisment (.mov 14MB)
LotR EE Blue Ray dvd set 'Oscar Nominations' advert [HD] (.mp4 9.14MB)
LotR EE Blue Ray dvd set advertisment- German (.mov 12.4MB)

DVD Extras
FotR Extras: Discussing Frodo and the casting of Elijah (.mov 13.2MB)
FotR Extras: "So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?" (.mov 11.3MB)
FotR Extras: Elijah farted in the hobbit pile (.mov 15.6MB)
RotK Extras: Discussing Elijah's eyes (.mov 11.7MB)
RotK Easter Egg: The Hans Jensen Interview (.mp4 38.5MB)

Miscellaneous Videos
LotR Bloopers (.mp4 12.8MB)
Flight of the Conchords spoof "Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring" (.mov 18.5MB)
Lembas Bread commercial (.mov 7.67MB, credit)
How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended (.mov 10.6MB, credit)
RiffTrax FotR Trailer (.mp4 5.48MB, credit)
RiffTrax TTT Sample (.mov 10.6MB, credit)
RiffTrax RotK Sample (.mov 20.4MB, credit)

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