Frodo Timeline
Here is the timeline of events during Frodo's life as recorded in Appendix B (The Tale of Years) of the Lord of the Rings book.

The Third Age

2968  Birth of Frodo.
3001  Bilbo's farewell feast.
3004  Gandalf visits Frodo in the Shire, and does so at intervals during the next four years.
3008  In the autumn Gandalf pays his last visit to Frodo.

The Great Years


12  Gandalf reaches Hobbiton.

23  A Black Rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall. Frodo leaves Bag End.
26  The Old Forest. Frodo comes to Bombadil.
28  The Hobbits captured by a Barrow-wight.
29  Frodo reaches Bree at night.
30  Crickhollow and the Inn at Bree are raided in the early hours. Frodo leaves Bree.

6   The camp under Weathertop attacked at night. Frodo wounded.
13  Frodo crosses the Bridge.
18  Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk.
20  Escape across the Ford of Bruinen.
24  Frodo recovers and wakes.
25  Council of Elrond.

25  The Company of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dusk.


8   The Company reaches Hollin.
11, 12  Snow on Caradhras.
13  Attack by Wolves in the early hours. The Company reaches the West-gate of Moria at nightfall. Gollum begins to trail the Ring-bearer.
14  Night in Hall Twenty-One.
15  The Bridge of Khazad-dum, and fall of Gandalf. The Company reaches Nimrodel late at night.
17  The Company comes to Caras Galadhon at evening.

14  The Mirror of Galadriel.
16  Farewell to Lorien. Gollum in hiding on the west bank observes the departure.
23  The boats are attacked at night near Sarn Gebir.
25  The Company pass the Argonath and camp at Parth Galen.
26  Breaking of the Fellowship.
29  Frodo descends from the Emyn Muil and meets Gollum.

1   Frodo begins the passage of the Dead Marshes at dawn.
2   Frodo comes to the end of the Marshes.
4   Frodo reaches the slag-mounds on the edge of the Desolation of the Morannon.
5   Frodo hides in sight of the Morannon, and leaves at dusk.
7   Frodo taken by Faramir to Henneth Annun.
8   Frodo leaves Henneth Annun.
9   At dusk Frodo reaches the Morgul-road.
10  Frodo passes the Cross Roads, and sees the Morgul-host set forth.
11  Gollum visits Shelob, but seeing Frodo asleep nearly repents.
12  Gollum leads Frodo into Shelob's lair.
13  Frodo captured by the Orcs of Cirith Ungol.
14  Samwise finds Frodo in the Tower.
15  Frodo and Samwise escape and begin their journey north along the Morgai.
16  Frodo from the Morgai looks out over the camp to Mount Doom.
18  Frodo comes in sight of the Isenmouthe; he is overtaken by Orcs on the road from Durthang to Udun.
19  Frodo and Samwise escape and begin their journey along the road to the Barad-dur.
22  The dreadful nightfall. Frodo and Samwise leave the road and turn south to Mount Doom.
23  Frodo and Samwise cast away their gear.
24  Frodo and Samwise make their last journey to the feet of Mount Doom.
25  Frodo and Samwise reach the Sammath Naur. Gollum seizes the Ring and falls in the Cracks of Doom. Downfall of Barad-dur and the passing of Sauron.

The Chief Days
From the Fall of the Barad-dur to the end of the Third Age

S.R. 1419

5   Gandalf and the Hobbits leave Rivendell.
6   They cross the Ford of Bruinen; Frodo feels the first return of pain.
28  They reach Bree at nightfall.
30  They leave Bree. The 'Travellers' come to the Brandywine Bridge at dark.

1   They are arrested at Frogmorton.
2   They come to Bywater and rouse the Shire-folk.
3   Battle of Bywater, and Passing of Saruman. End of the War of the Ring.

S.R. 1420: The Great Year of Plenty
March 13  Frodo is taken ill (on the anniversary of his poisoning by Shelob).
Mid-year's Day  Frodo resigns office of mayor, and Will Whitfoot is restored.
October 6  Frodo is again ill.

S.R. 1420: The Last of the Third Age
March 13  Frodo is again ill.
September 21  Frodo and Samwise set out from Hobbiton.
September 22  They meet the Last Riding of the Keepers of the Rings in Woody End.
September 29  They come to the Grey Havens. Frodo and Bilbo depart over Sea with the Three Keepers. The end of the Third Age.

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