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Here are poems written by fans dedicated to Frodo. If you would like to sumbit one, send it here. Click on each title to read the lyrics. Note: Your cursor will not turn into a "hand" (or whatever icon it displays when hovering over a link), but click the title anyway and the poem will drop down. If you are not using IE, you'll have to scroll down through the poems.

Twas not long ago or so they say,
My cousin, Frodo went away,
And where he went none could say
For I hadn’t seen him for many a day

When he came back I could not belive,
Because it was hard to forsee,
I knew he had changed,
Because he coudn’t bide the pain

I never expected that I would be the next Baggins the world would see,
That I was a fighter fair and free,
They never could see that I was a warrior bred to be
In a line of warriors forgotten to me

From The Shire you came,
Never experienced pain,
But the day will soon come,
When your loss is their gain.

To change the fortune of all,
Dark armies must fall,
This task is yours alone,
This task is your call.

The Fellowship begins,
As the Dark Lord still sins,
But it ends far too soon,
Sam and you must still win.

Smeagol, Gollum friend or foe,
Who is to tell, who is to know?
Sam warns but you care not,
Ring gets heavy, must not show.

Frodo it’s time to do it at last,
To the fiery chasms you must cast,
The one ring of power,
All is done you forget the past.

The feel of the spring breeze,
The smell of the trees,
The tastes you loved most,
It’s a forgotten memory.

Though the road goes on & on,
Your part in this story is now done,
The sea calls you home,
Though Sam was there, you were alone.

A burden so deep hast been placed upon my soul.
I never saw the fate ahead, a fate filled with great strife.
Death watched me; an eye so evil was weighting my life poll.
I’d have to leave behind the things so dear to me in life.

Goodbye to the Shire, and to the great friends I once had.
Though in truth, I felt there was nothing to be lost at all.
A circle of gold, placed around my neck would turn most mad.
Unknowing even to myself, I never dreamed of how far I’d fall.

I vowed to take thy ring and destroy its power, even though I knew not the way.
The people dearest and so close to me promised they’d guide and protect me.
Friends they were, as they followed me, traveling through night and day.
Sadly my heart was crushed, as my comrades slowly ceased to be.

Desiring to leave on my own, I knew I’d never have gotten so far.
My gardener, my friend, Sam, has saved me through thick and thin.
He knew without accompany, my sanity would slip into a shadowy tar.
Thou my heart slowly tore, inside it visited a place to where I’d never been.

Traveling weary days now, my feet had become like lead.
My body ached, I desired to keep going though, even to die.
I could feel the weight, the pressure of the ring inside, churning within my head.
Its power was strong, the confrontation hard, and I resisted as much as I could try.

Stricken and corrupted by it, my soul began to tear.
My courage and my strength slowly began to fade away.
I did not see it, could not see how much I had to fear.
Though I wasn’t going to let it take me, not like this, not today.

Almost give up I did, Sam still had faith in me.
No matter what became of me, he still believed that I was strong.
How I wished and begged he’d stop and let me be.
Couldn’t he see how it hurt, he shouldn’t see my mind gone.

A friend is who Sam had always been.
One who’d look out for me, even upon our darkest hour.
Saying things I never meant, yet he still came then.
He knew my change was wrong, he knew ‘twas the ring of power.

I’d never have gotten any further than I did without my Samwise.
Dying would’ve quickly come to my solo journey.
Endless hours upon my soul, I wouldn’t let anyone hear my cries.
For if all was lost, my pain would follow even in eternity.

Thirteen months I ended up wearing the ring.
I welcomed death, awaited for my rebirth.
Always struggling, I dreamed to see the Shire once more in the spring.
A place of happiness, a peaceful town upon Middle Earth.

No evil seemed to touch our little Hobbiton.
And I did vow to keep the peace and quiet of home that way.
‘Twas a stressful journey, though I vaguely saw thy Sun.
My body seemed to have fallen into the bottom of a bay.

Almost lost my mind, my sanity and my conscious I was to become.
Darkness filled the crevices of my body from within the deep.
I fell into thy evil, felt my soul start to succumb.
Inside I dreaded, little of what I knew, my life did weeped.

The journey did finally end, and I barely was me.
Overcome with the lust for power, I never knew I’d become.
Dying was the only way now, I’d ever be free.
“His precious,” Smeagol said, he killed for possession unlike some.

Angry I was, my finger gone, now a remembrance.
Fight for it I did, my head now filled with pain.
Sick with madness, It had me in a trance.
Dead Gollum had now become, nothing was ever gained.

And yet true friends stay with each other until the end.
Forgiven I always was, but the guilt would still be the same.
These wounds of mine, would never fully mend.
Thankful I was, but sadness always came.

Agony, regret, and heart wrenching I always felt.
My struggle accomplished, dizziness in my eyes followed along.
If I lived, the acceptance of my corruption should be dealt.
If I died, ‘twas the only place I would ever belong.

Blackness now my vision, and it filled my head.
A giant owl had grabbed me, dreaming I was as it reached out for me.
Brightness shined through, my eyes wakened, I knew I was in a better place instead.
Then for the first time in those months, I had felt free.

Friends whom were have thought long gone, now greeted me with cheer.
Warmth I could feel, I hadn’t lost anyone else I had loved.
“Gandalf!” I cried seeing him, never lost to darkness, no more I would fear.
Truly I felt happy, no more strife would follow, my life now beloved.

Back home we went, our quest to destroy the ring complete.
His destiny foretold, Aragorn now had become the king.
Peace in Middle Earth settled now, life was absolute.
And yet Sam was true to his words, I saw my Shire and too my spring.

Time passed and Bilbo’s book was finished through years of writing I did make.
Yet, more I desired from this passing, my life had grown slow.
The book ‘There and Back Again,’ ‘twas passed on for Sam to take.
For it was my wish to leave and follow the elves out of Middle Earth and below.

Those dearest to me stayed upon Middle Earth.
And those closest and tired did follow for a new life desired.
We sailed to the Undying Lands searching for rebirth.
A new adventure started, a journey began, my mind would no longer be tired.

The fires of Mount Doom -
The evil that once dwelt in it -
It's gone,
It's been gone -
Thanks to one young hobbit.

And anguish,
And doubt -
All of these he went threw,
For Middle Earth -
No doubt.

He did it all for the Shire -
Though it may have been difficult -
And it may have caused tire.
But he went on,
And sacrificed,
When he destroyed it,
In the fires.

Who would have thought,
This simple living hobbit -
Would one day save Middle Earth -
And all of its hobbits?

No ones hears it now,
A sudden silent sound.
Away into the West,
A hero once rest.

No one seems to remember,
The sound of hobbit feet,
The sound of one young hobbit,
He, of heroic deeds.

No one seems to catch,
The horrible pain of stress,
The terrible pain of joylessness,
The wonderful joy of rest.

No one seems to care,
Who went through all of this,
From the Shire,
To the fires,
With so much hopelessness.

No one seems to see,
All of Frodo Baggins' deeds.
He saved the Shire,
It caused him dire,
Destroying the One Ring,
In the fires.

They remain in my memories.
I don't want to hear the all is done.
They will stay in my every tears,
now when the sleepless nights are gone.

They travelled lonely in the darkness,
they lived trough many losses and fears.
The days was endless,nights was dreamless,
and their eyes was full of tears.

Will be our souls one day in the rest?
Suddenly on the horizon I see the white wings,
the wings of the ship goes into the West.
So now we have come to the end of all things.

Now they leave me alone,
but not so quite.
The memory still remain at home,
I will always commemorate also at night.

Everyone says it means nothing,
but love is so deep like a well.
becouse of them I holding onto something,
and so I never say farewell.

Let us touch you,
As you pass by...
Let us caress the curls
Like leaves upon your crown.
Though our touch lends not
The strength you need,
Still we would touch,
And in touching,

Once we were young...
Once strong...
Once life flowed riotously in our veins.
Not so long ago.
Can it end so soon?
Now we fade...
We wither...
As do all living things
In this Age.
Longing to last, yet
Ever lessening.

A task is laid upon you,
Harsh enough
To grind you into dust...
How will you fare?
Will you save us...
Or fall into despair?

So hard the task...
So hard...
Yet so pure the heart
That we will dare to hope.
Though even in the winning
We still will fade,
We hope for ourselves,
For the world,
And for you.

So let us touch,
As you pass by...
Let us caress...
Let us bless.

The Road runs West from Rivendell.
We journey home, our tales to tell.
To them, the terror then so fell,
It fades... it's growing dim.

Tho this should be bright Autumn day,
My heart is chilled, my sight is grey.
And gleam of hope seems far away,
I's growing dim.

Again in Spring when all is fair,
Midst ache of old wounds hard to bear,
For me the sun-bedazzled air
Is's growing dim.

I wander, lost, in realms of night,
In fear of blade and sting and bite -
Pursue in vain the healing light -
It's growing dim.

Another Spring, another year...
This wound grows deeper yet I fear.
No hope of peace and wholeness here.
It's growing dim.

So I will take the Road again
From Havens to Valar's domain.
In Undying Lands, undying pain
At's growing dim.

"Just let It go!" you said,
As if that should have been the easiest thing in the world.
But you should know, dear Sam...
You carried It yourself once,
And it was not without reluctance
You yielded It back into my grasping hand.

You should know letting go is hard...

"Don't you let go!" you cried,
And it would have been the easiest thing in the world
Just to stretch bloodied fingers, to loose my grip...
A rush of wind, a brief flash of pain,
And then...


You made letting go hard.
Though you could not grasp my fingers,
Still you grasped my heart
And held me fast to Life,
When I would have gladly yielded mine.

"My body is broken. You have to let me go," Théoden said.
Merry told me of his dying words.
And now I say those words to you, dear Sam.

My body cannot heal.
My soul is an open wound.
My mind stumbles in halls of despair.

I am broken.
You have to let me go.

And that's the hardest letting go of all...

For both of us.

‘If the Eagles had not come
And we were left to lie,
To face the End alone
Beneath a fiery sky...

‘If no rescue was in sight
And our end indeed had come,
If our souls had taken flight
Without those wings to bear us Home...

‘Yet would I count myself as blessed
To be with you, a joy midst sorrow.
Then gladly close my eyes in Rest.’

‘And I would follow, then, I’d follow.’

I see the tears standing.
We both know it is true.
This time I am leaving,
I’m going from you.
By the Sundering Seas
You stand on the Shore,
And you watch as I sail
Til you see me no more.
But ‘twill not be forever!
For that Day will come
When you too shall set sail,
And with me you’ll be Home.
Then my turn shall come,
When I stand on the Shore,
Til your ship reach the Harbor,
And we part nevermore.

- dedicated to all who have loved ones across the Seas

Deepest draught
Of bittersweet.
Havens call,
Grey beckoning.
Pass thru the curtain,
Blessed Realm see;
Those gone before
Awaiting thee.

for Mikey

Before a chasm opened wide
Before the fires burning high
The depth of dark unsatisfied
A hope that kindled once and died

Beneath me lay the endless deep
Beneath the smoke I cannot see
All beauty from my wonder seeps
Replaced with dark that steals my sleep

And in my hand I have it all
The power still to kill or heal
Stand coldly still and still I fall
But in my mind, where nothing’s real

Two voices call my name and yet
Two choices face my self-control
The voice of strength I’ll not forget
But cry of friend yet stirs my soul

All the strength to let it go
Seems still the power that I lack
I would destroy it, still I know
That when I do, I can’t go back

And so my mind whirls endlessly
The questions never answered seem
A golden dark takes hold of me
And I am waking in a dream

My hand adorned with golden band
And to its power, I seem bound
The will I need out of my hands
To take it off and cast it down

My mind turns dark as I go on
My thoughts are black and colorless
I’m left with one choice; dusk or dawn?
The dusk I have…
….‘tis dawn I miss

Friend, good friend
The sea, I hear it cry
It called my name for ages
I’ve only stayed here
For you

Brave, you’re brave
Unlike I ever was
I can’t keep on resisting
But still I have been
For you

Come, I’ve come
To journey’s only end
I never would have made it
If it hadn’t been
For you

Sam, dear Sam
It’s time for me to go
We went to save the Shire, Sam
But not for me
For you

There once was a Hobbit
Naught but a boy
Who gave up his freedom
Traded his joy

Who sacrificed all that
He knew, that he felt
Who gave everything
For everyone else

As I sit here and think,
Of all that you have done,
I cannot help but wonder,
How long have you waited…
How long have you suffered?

As I sit here thinking,
Wondering about you,
Oh if you only knew,
The stories they told.

Traveling distant lands,
Wearing that Ring,
With you eight companions,
The Fellowship of the Ring.

You, Frodo Baggins,
The Ring bearer of all,
Taking the challenge,
Of destroying the Ring.

Along with you,
A faithful friend,
Samwise Gamgee,
A true companion,
Always there.

And there stood Merry and Pippin,
Brave young lads,
Fighting for the Shire,
Fighting for what is right.

And Gandalf,
Oh Gandalf,
His fireworks in the air,
Bringing upon Frodo,
The news of the Ring.

Aragorn, mighty as can be,
Ready for battle.
Aragorn, such a sigh to see,
If you were ever to lay eyes upon the King.

The Elf Prince Legolas,
Is not to be forgotten,
For keen were his eyes,
And swift was his bow.

And Gimli, son of Gloin,
Eager for battle,
With pride for his race.

Alas, poor Boromir could not make it through,
The orcs had slain him,
As he was keeping his word.

Now I may not know all there is to know,
And I may not have seen all there is to see,
But as time goes on,
Some stories are forgotten.
However, I assure you, dear friends,
This one will not.

“What is so special about this story?” some of you may ask,
Well this story is about courage, friendship, and love.

Dear Frodo Baggins,
Your heart stands true,
Carrying such a burden,
All the way through.

So I thank you, Frodo,
For staying strong,
And giving people hope,
That some had lost,
And none knew they had.

It is such a fine story,
So kind and true,
It will always have a place in my heart.

The Lord of the Rings

No grief or shadow pass through,
the green glance of grass is no liar.
This land is not a dream but a true.
We never leave our home,our Shire.

Lothlorien,paradise where is no pain,
from the golden trees that are tall
no leaf like silver tear of rain
never upon the ground will fall.

There is nought save the bleak darkness,
even the cry of pain smother in the ash.
Your mind is lost in nothingness.
In this land of Mordor you are the empty flesh.

The last way faces beyond the White Tower,
beyond the Sea far again and again.
The last tear fall like silver flower.
This is journey there but never back again.

A time will come to be a new spring and a new start
A breath of fresh air
The taste of freedom

You must wait young soldier
You must wait for your time to come
But a mist the pain you will see
You have to defeat the inner enemy inside

The blood in your vein will burst
Your heart valiant and brave
Burning with hate and with wanting desire

What will you do when time comes
And the hope of all rests on your shoulders
You must now decide your fate as well as others

The banners arise, it's time

Who turns my fate in the sky?
The earth to my feet is so dry.
Who bound my path to this tale?
The moon in the river so pale.

Tearless shall shiver the moments tonight,
Lonely the stars and the kingdoms.
Casting a shadow at the immortal sight --
The sorrows and yearnings will wander.

The ring turns my fate in the sky.
The leaves to my feet are so dry.
The ring bound my path to this tale.
The moon covered with emptyness' veil.

And now, in the heart of infinity's vision,
All fears I'll depart to make this decision.
The path goes through ashes, through this final test --
Away from the treasures that weep in their chests.

I searched for strength in my soul's mazes
But found a nightmare which just gazes.
Yet in the valleys bathed in sun
Slumbered a hope ... the last, the one.

And in this insane agony
The winds are whispering: It's me,
Who turns my fate in unbound skies.
No sun over my path to rise.
I bound myself to this cold trail.
It's me embroidering my tale.

*   *   *

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